What makes a Brainy Call assistant so special?
Only the very best make it onto the team

To recruit just one assistant, on average, we sift through more than 500 applications and interview more than 50 people. Candidates who make it past this stage have to complete a gruelling assessment process including multiple face to face interviews, psychometric tests, team appraisal and skills testing.

Once recruited, each assistant embarks on a challenging two month period in which they learn about the unique and leading service that Brainy Call offers. Every Brainy Call assistant works full time, in our Midlands based offices.

We learn from the world's best PAs

Not content with recruiting the very best assistants, we call upon the world's best PAs to mentor and train our team. We are very proud that Penni Pike, Sir Richard Branson's PA for 31 years, is a key member of our team, bringing her vast experience and knowledge.

Our experience is second to none

Since 2007 we've answered more than 800,000 calls for our clients - so you can be assured that your Brainy Call assistant holds a huge amount of first hand experience.

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