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Our rates are affordable, starting from just £35 per month.

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Dedicated UK based receptionist
Free account set up
Messages sent by text or email
Quality guarantee on every call
Switch plans or cancel any time
Named point of contact
Calls answered in your company name
Callers politely greeted
Available Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:30pm
Free out-of-hours voicemail
Cancel any time
Dashboard to see your messages
One size doesn't fit all

We're happy to build a custom plan around you, for no extra charge. Just ask.

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Things people often ask us

What are your operating hours?

We can answer your calls between 08:30 and 17:30 Monday to Friday.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us here to request our latest pricing. Our pricing starts at just £35 per month.

Is there a setup fee?

No, we don't believe in charging fees up front. We'll even answer your calls for 30 days for free!

Will my callers know you're answering my calls?

Your callers won't know we're not part of your business. We'll never reveal ourselves to anyone.

Are the plans flexible?

Yes - all plans are month-to-month and you can cancel, downgrade or upgrade at any time.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, every call we take is covered by our money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund our fee - no questions asked.

Who will be answering my calls?

A dedicated member of our small and friendly UK-based team. You'll get to know and trust them.

How do you handle confidential information?

Our team have signed comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreements, created by legal professionals, to protect your confidential information. In addition, we provide a highly secure environment, featuring bank-grade encryption, through which to exchange your information.